Services and Rates

Natalie's Rates 
 Lessons are available Monday-Friday and occasional Saturdays and  Sundays.

 All ages and ability levels welcome. Lessons are 45 minutes. Lessons   
 are possible at your location. 
 Currently Natalie teaches at: Alpenridge and Robertson Ranch  
 and will travel to your facility depending on availability. 

Robertson Ranch and Alpenridge:
 Private Lesson on own horse: $55

10 Lesson package: $500 (must be used with-in 45 Days)

 Private Lesson on school horse: $60

 Semi-Private Lesson: $35/person

At your facility:
 Lessons or rides at your facility: $65 
(Extra may be charged depending on distance from Robertson Ranch or Alpenridge)


 Select horses will be taken in for training. 

 Individual Training Rides: $50
 (If horse is tacked up)

 Individual Training Rides: $55
 (If NPD tacks horse up)

 Full Training (5 rides or lessons/week): $550/month ($27.50/ride)

 Partial Training (3 rides or lessons/week): $375/month ($31.25/ride)

  Natalie is available for Clinics. She has taught clinics in Portland and     Bend Oregon as well as in Kentucky.

  Please contact Natalie if you are interested in booking a clinic.

Mari's Rates
 Private Lesson on Own Horse: $45

 10 Lesson Package on Own Horse: $400

 Private Lesson on School Horse: $50

 Semi-Private Lesson: $30/Person

 Lessons at your facility: Regular rate + Travel fee dependent on   
 distance from Robertson Ranch

Individual Training Ride: $40
(If owner tacks horse up)

Individual Training Ride: $50​
(If NPD tacks horse up)

Full Training (5 rides or lessons/week): $500/month ($25/ride)

 Partial Training (3 rides or lessons/week): $300/month ($25/ride)

NPD Rates
  See Facility Page
  Limited spots are available at Robertson Ranch.
  Please contact Natalie for rates and information on boarding at Robertson Ranch.

Sales Horses:
 Horses will be taken on a case by case basis. Sale horses will be  
 charged full training and a 10% commission once sold. 

 10% Commission fee and all travel expenses to be paid by client on  
 any purchase or sale of horses brokered thru Natalie Perry Dressage.

 Rates are subject to change with 30 day notice.

This page was last updated: January 3, 2018